Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Seriously, there is nothing wrong with the dog.  He is just great!  We really love him dearly but he is allergic to us.  I'm sure he would be a great addition to any cat free home!

Houston!  Seriously!  You can't ship MC's mutt off.

Why not?  I'm sick of the butt sniffing, space invading beast. We all are!  Just look at poor Glove's face.

He got caught on the counter again by that mutt.  He looks so hungry and now he is afraid to get down.  Poor thing!

Ok, I know you have a point there but we aren't supposed to be on the counter even if MC does have us on those ungodly restricted portions she calls dinner.

Well, just look where I have to spend most of my time now.

Hey, that's my perch!  Back a way from the computer, Houston, this is my blog!

My name is Pippin.  My human mom is Mama Cat, MC for short.  Yes, I would love to ship her slobbering mutt off.  I may only have 3 legs but I bet I could get it into a box.  For heaven's sake it is the nosiest thing ever.  It would probably go right in thinking it was some new kind of game.  hetaping might be a challenge but I bet I could handle it.   Stupid thing has no respect for privacy, whatsoever.  You can't do anything in this house that it doesn't know about.  See, I was just going to clean MC's yogurt bowl for her but noooo Mr. Werewolf face was on patrol.

I think we have bigger things to worry about than drool boy.  Not only is MC still on me to get exercise but she has added some huge beasts to her menagerie.  Thank heavens they live outside cause I don't care what she says they don't look like vegetarians to me!  Look at this thing; it is trying to eat a fur lined hat off the kid's head.  What does that tell you?

Thing gives me the willies every time I go out.  Since the DH goes to work early in the morning, he lets Houston out for a stroll.  Not my fault he can't tell us apart.  I know we are so twin-like in appearance.  Hey, any time I can escape into the great of out of doors I'm going!  That was until all this rain started.  Three wet feet are just as bad as four wet feet maybe worse.  So I content myself with staying in and playing with the walking furball's toys.

He leaves them lying around everywhere and this bone was so easy to pick up and throw around!  Neener, neener purple tongue couldn't come after me either!  He isn't allowed downstairs. Nah nah na nah!

Back to the problem I see coming down the pike.  MC is losing her mind.  I think it is the change.  She let me out the other day.  No, really!  She opened the door and let me go.  Granted it was snowing, sleeting and raining so it didn't take me long to want back in.

I think she thought this was funny.  I wasn't amused.  Rain damages fur, don't you know?

Here is the real reason I think she is losing it.

She has birds in the garage.  Yep, little tweetie birds and we aren't allowed to visit them.  MC didn't buy that I just wanted to play them.  OK, so maybe I would have put them back in pieces but MC named them so they are off limits.  Get a load of these stupid girlie names.  Vuila, Violet, Vangie, Babs, Bugs and Tangerine.  Why not names like breast, thigh, and drumstick?   Even the DS agreed with me on that one.  Really, though, I think someone needs to talk to her.  After all, when you have cats what else do you need?   Especially, when you have someone as wonderful as me!

                       Remember Life is about the journey no matter how long it took you to get there!


  1. Poor Pippin, BigShot and Lulu totally agree with you!

    1. As the MC I try hard to keep all the kids in line. The cats would ship Bane off in a heart beat. They aren't too keen on the horses either but they really like the little birdies they can't visit :)